Bulletin and Order of Service for Sunday Morning, February 18, 2018

Gathering for Worship

  • We are glad you are here to worship with us this morning.  We invite you to follow the order in the Worship Program.  We will not be announcing hymn numbers.
  • Due to interference with the sound system, if possible, please turn your cell phone off.  Thank you.

Prelude Rebekah Anderson

Call to Worship

  • Hymn #359 "This Is the Day" (2 times)


  • Hymn #159  "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" (1,2,4)
  • Hymn #161  "Crown Him with Many Crowns"  (1,2,4)

Welcome Pastor Rod Harris

Scripture Reading Kerry Whitten–1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Pastoral Prayer Pastor Rod Harris


  • "Christ Arose"
  • "Man of Sorrows"

Worship through Giving
Offertory Prayer Richard Ryan
Offertory Rebekah Anderson

Children ages 4 - 3rd grade are dismissed at this time to attend Children’s Church.

Message In Song Choir–"Forever We Sing Medley"

Message Pastor Rod Harris–“He is Risen!” – Luke 24:1-12

Hymn of Invitation

  • Hymn #275  "I Surrender All"


  • "The Trees of the Field"

Postlude Rebekah Anderson



Today: Morning: Lisa S. & Cassie S.
              Evening - Isaac & Jessie H.
Feb. 25: Morning: Karen C. & Ellisa H.
                Evening - Teresa S. & volunteer

Children's Church
Today: Lisa C. & Avery C.
Feb. 25: Tammy B. & Callie S.

Today: Darren C. (F) & Mike H. (B)
Feb. 25: Jerry B. (F) & Tom G. (B)

This Week at Trinity
   9:00 – Media Center is open
   9:30 – Life-Changing Bible Study Hour
 10:50 – Morning Worship Service
 12:00 - Missions Meeting
   6:00 - Evening Worship Service
   7:00 - Prayer Group Meets
   7:00 - Visitation
   2:30 - Good News Club
   6:30 - Prayer and Bible Study
   6:30 - Choir Rehearsal
   6:30 - Team Kids
   6:30 - Youth Bible Study 

Upcoming Events
18 - Missions Meeting at noon
25 - Sunday School Meeting at noon
1 - Sherwood Manor Ministry at 6:30pm
8 - Common Thread at 10:30am
11 - Deacon’s Meeting at 4:30pm
15 - Sherwood Manor Ministry at 6:30pm
30 - Good Friday Service & Lord's Supper
31 - Easter Egg-stravaganza
1 - Easter
5 - Sherwood Manor Ministry at 6:30pm

Trinity News….            

  • Are you interested in missions? There is a meeting immediately following our service this morning for all those interested in helping promote missions.  This team will focus on mission educate and the promotion of mission opportunities.  This team will also help with promoting our mission offerings.  The meeting will only take a few minutes as we set a date and time for our first official meeting.
  • We are collecting tissues, hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes for Robertson Elementary and Clinton West Elementary. There is a collection box outside the office door.
  • Are you looking for opportunities for outreach?  Do you do Twitter?  Follow and retweet Trinity at @TBCTulsa.
  • Sunday School Council Meeting–Sunday, February 25th–Right after the morning worship
  • Nicaragua Missions–Bibles, rice and beans–Received: $279.35


Bulletin art
Bulletin art

Sunday a.m. Bulletin