Computers and the internet, like all of creation, can be used for great good or for great evil. As Christians we have the privilege and obligation to “take every thought captive to obey Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5). The goal of Trinity Baptist Church in having an internet site is to do just that. We have provided sidebar links that will take you to our Baptist affiliations on all levels, as well as agency intities that are pertinent to all facets of Baptist life. Other resources available in the sidebars include a search engine to the ESV Bible, a calendar of Trinity Baptist events, random quotes, a weekly Bible verse, and access to recent audio sermons by Pastor Rod.

This page in particular is intended to provide you with links to other resources on the web which reside outside of the confines of our church’s web site. There are an abundance of Bible-study resources found on the Internet, most of it is totally free of charge.

Internet Bible-resource Sites For your Computer

Bible Gateway: If you don’t want to download software to your computer, or if the software you use doesn’t have your favorite Bible version, then you can find all you want and more at the Bible Gateway. More than just Bible translations, The Internet Christian Library is a depository of church documents, and links to other sites of similar interest. You will never exhaust the resources found at

e-Sword is a powerful Bible software that will greatly enhance your personal Bible study as well as speed up preparation for Sunday-school lessons or family devotions. With its modular approach, you can build your Bible with any number of versions. Some modern versions are not available due to copyright restrictions. There are also map, commentary, and dictionary modules available. The options seem endless. The best part about e-Sword is that it is absolutely free. The only drawback seems to be that it is available only for Windows operating systems.

The ESV Bible: This is the parent site you are redirected to when you search a bible passage in the margin of Trinity’s website. One of the more recent Bible translations, the ESV Bible is considered one of the best word-for-word translations available today. There are even a number of on-line daily Bible reading programs at this site to help you in your daily devotions. If you need a free ESV Bible App for iOS or Android, get information for that here.

Fighter Verses: Information on this site is listed below under “Bible Memorization”.

Mobile Bible Apps

In addition to the ESV Bible mentioned above there are many Bible apps available for iOS and Android devices. Some of the best charge for the app, while some charge for add-ons. Some of the better ones are?

  • OliveTree has apps for mobile and desktop devices.
  • The Reformation Study Bible: for iOS, and available as paid add-on from the OliveTree Bible app, and others.
  • Logos Bible Software has a free mobile app for iOS and Android.

Bible Reading Plans

If you are looking for a Bible reading plan, the ESV site above has a Reading Plan Page with a number of plans to suit different needs and schedules. If you are looking for a reading plan app for your mobile device ReadingPlan is an iOS only app that has many plans to select from and provides a daily check list that helps you keep on track with a daily reading schedule. The ESV Bible app for both iOS and Android has a built-in reading plan. Many other free Bible apps have built-in reading plans as well.

Bible Memorization Apps

One of the best Bible memorization apps is the Fighter Verses app, available on both iOS and Android. This website in itself is a vast resource for helping you fill your mind and heart with key Bible verses to assist you in all aspects of your daily walk in the faith.

Baptist History

The Spurgeon Archives: Baptist History is incomplete without, and must have its beginning with the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Serving in the Metropolitan Tabernacle Church in London in the last half of the nineteenth century, Spurgeon is still the classical model of a Baptist preacher. This site embodies the definitive Spurgeon.

The Reformed Reader is a site devoted to Baptist history and Baptist biography. If you are interested in finding out more about your Baptist heritage, this is a good site to start.

Here are a few other great resources on Baptist history:

Music resources This site currently has the most comprehensive church hymn repository. You can even view hymns as they appear in various different hymnals. You can even create an account and build your own private hymn.

The Cyber Hymnal: Not just lyrics of all you favorite hymns, but midi files of the tunes, plus biographies of the authors of the lyrics and the tune. Sometimes you might even find a picture of the authors. This is a very exhaustive source for traditional hymnody.

The Center for Church Music: This site is very similar to the above cite which lists a few of the more classical hymns and tunes that the Cyber Hymnal somehow misses. Still very good.