On My Mind

The old man pulled over to the side of the road.  Slowly walked to the middle of the bridge.  He stared into the water below for several minutes.  He took a deep breath as he looked toward the heavens.  With a sense of resignation, he climbed over the rail and was about to jump when he heard a voice, “Don’t do it!”  The old man turned, and a young man was running toward him.  “Sir, I’ve been watching.  You don’t want to do this.”  The old man looked back toward the water below, “No, life is just not worth it.”  The young man in desperation pleaded with him, “Take just five minutes and tell me why you think life’s not worth it.  Then give me five minutes to tell you why it is.  If you still want to jump, I won’t stop you.”  The old man took five minutes to rehearse the miseries of the world.  The young man passionately spoke of the goodness of life.  After his five minutes the old man, smiled and held out his hand.  The young man took it.  Together they jumped off the bridge!  Sometimes life stinks.  This world is often filled with heartache and sorrow.  Sometimes life is just so overwhelming you cannot see the goodness of life.  Sometimes the pain is so great you can’t imagine going on.  During such struggles you need something greater than a pep-talk.  You need something more powerful than a stranger’s assurance things are going to “turn around.”  You need assurance born of the word and Spirit of the Living God.  You need faith.

Not wishful thinking, sentimental, brainless faith but faith that is born of an experience with the God who is.  A faith that is the result of God’s faithfulness, that is the fruit of a genuine encounter with God.  The writer of Hebrews is pleading with his readers to remain faithful when everything around them says, “Run!”  He pleads with them to remember their past experience of grace and to expect that same grace in the future.  Then in chapter 11 he gives a description of faith and then links that faith with hope and then goes on to show how this hope gave power for all kinds of radical obedience.  He says that faith is absolutely certain of the truth of God’s promises (11:1).  It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  He goes no to assure his readers of God’s approval of those who live by faith (11:2).  It is this faith that inspires hope and engenders perseverance.

Life is often overwhelming.  The good news is that you do not face life’s challenges alone or in your own strength and power.  Your hope rests in an ever-present, all wise, all knowing, sovereign God who promises to meet your every need and to see you home safely.

I’ll see you Sunday.  Have a great week!