Just Thinking

I just want to give you a few housekeeping items today.  First, don’t forget that Sunday is our First Sunday Lunch.  It will be a Thanksgiving Feast.  The church will provide turkey and ham and you bring your favorite side dishes and desserts.  I hope you will stay and have lunch on Sunday.  It is always a sweet time of fellowship around the tables.

Also, don’t forget to “fall back” on Saturday evening.  It is the end of Daylight Saving time.  You want to make sure you are on time for services Sunday!  As always, I encourage you to take some time this week to pray for your Sunday School teacher and the other teachers as they are preparing their lessons this week.  Make sure to take time to prepare yourself for Bible study and worship on Sunday as well.  I also want to encourage you to pray for Devin as he will be filling in for me the next two Sundays.  I will be entering the hospital on Friday for surgery, and I’m told I will be there for two or three days and then, I’m to take a week at home.  So, that means I will miss the lunch on Sunday.  That’s a major disappointment!  I love dressing and all the other trimmings connected with Thanksgiving.  I’m sure I will be on a restricted diet for awhile at least.  Eat some dressing for me and a piece of pie – or two.  I hope to see you on the 12th, I just won’t be preaching.

Have a great week!