Just Thinking

Thursday is Thanksgiving.  A day of feasting and celebration.  A time for giving thanks.  A day of remembrance.  As you look back this week what is it you will be grateful for?  When you consider God’s grace extended to you and your family what will cause your heart to sing?  Biblically we are commanded to give thanks for all things and in all things.  We are to rejoice and give thanks for both the good and the bad.  For victories and defeats.  For things both great and small.  There is no doubt we, as the people of God, are called to develop and attitude of gratitude.  We are to live as a grateful people.  Understanding we are what we are and have what we have by the grace of God.  We are a dependent people.  We are not “self-made,” we have not achieved anything by our own wisdom, determination or skill.  We are recipients of God’s gracious, providential care.  So, may I suggest that we approach Thanksgiving not just with a grateful heart but with a heart filled with praise.  It would be good for us to consider the 145th Psalm.  The Psalm reminds us that a truly grateful heart sings the praise of God’s person and character.  Too often we think of God only in terms of what He does for us or what He give us.  That’s not wrong but it is incomplete.  We should praise Him because of who He is.  He is worthy of our praise.

This is the final psalm of David in the Psalter.  It is an acrostic using succeeding letters of the Hebrew alphabet giving praise to God.  How fitting that David’s final word is a word of praise.
And I want you to notice the basis of David’s praise because it provides insight into why we are to be grateful.

There is an opening statement in the first 2 verses and a summary in verse 21.  In between we find 4 stanzas celebrating the greatness of God’s character.  God is great (3-7), He is gracious (8-13), He is faithful (13-16), and He is righteous (17-20).  As you reflect this week, I want to encourage you to lose yourself in celebration of God’s person and character.  Rejoice and give thanks for the greatness of our God.

I pray that you have a wonderful holiday with your family this week.  We will not be meeting this Wednesday, and we will only have Sunday School and worship on Sunday, November 26.  I also wanted you to know that we are going to have a tailgate party on Saturday, December 2!  That’s “championship Saturday” for college football.  Some of the men thought it would be nice to have some fun.  We have several in the church who enjoy smoking various meats.  We invite you to bring your smokers and demonstrate your expertise.  If you like good food and fun, we encourage you to join us.  Arrive early enough to be finished with your cooking by 5:30 PM.  Jim Narrin is heading this up and he said he would be here by 7:30 AM.  Cookers, make plenty to share.  Non-cookers, come with an appetite.  We will see you on the 2nd!

Have a blessed week and I look forward to seeing you Sunday.