On My Mind...

How about this weather?  You gotta love Oklahoma weather.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall often within the same day!  Not a lot on my mind today, I just wanted to remind you of a few things.  One is that our quarterly business meeting is tomorrow evening.  We will meet in the fellowship building at 6:30 PM and review our financial report and consider a few recommendations and vote in some new members.  I hope you will join us.  I also want to remind you that we will be feeding the students at TCC West on January 31.  There will be more details Sunday.  

Our first Sunday lunch is just two weeks away, on February 4.  We will gather for lunch and fellowship following the morning service.  This is always a wonderful time of good food and conversation.  Bring a dish or two to share and join us.  Even if you cannot bring something please stay and join us for lunch.  It’s not the same without you.  The following Sunday, February 11, is our annual “Souper Bowl Chili Cookoff.”  Tweak those soup and chili recipes and come join an evening of fun, food and fellowship.  Prizes will be awarded in both categories.  Are you noticing a common thread through here?  We Baptist love to eat.  But there is more to it that just eating.  It is the life that is shared around a meal.  Conversations about things that matter.  The sharing of life together, that goes to the core of the Christian life.  We live this life together.  We are not solitary soldiers.  We are a company, a family, a people.  Your life is tied to mine and mine to yours.  That’s why I hope that you will join us for each of these events.  Around the table we get to know one another.  What interests you?  What challenges are you facing?  What are the needs in your family?  What makes you laugh?  The better we know one another, the better we serve and pray for one another.  “Body life” is not a program or a project.  It is just getting together and getting acquainted.  Ideally, a conversation during a First Sunday Lunch leads to a meal in your home, meeting up for lunch or breakfast, or getting together for coffee.  A conversation during the “Souper Bowl” fellowship leads to getting together to read through a book and to pray together.  A casual conversation after a service leads to a mentoring or discipling relationship as you find common interest and desire to pursue a deeper, biblical understanding of a subject.

Now, I’m not asking you to start thinking of these meals and fellowship times, as a “project” or an opportunity to find a “project.”  I’m asking you to invest yourself in others.  Open yourself up and being willing to take the next step.  A step toward deepening the investment of your life in the lives of your brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’m asking that you pray and ask the Lord to direct your steps and be willing to follow where He leads.  Isn’t that what life together is all about?

I’ll see you Sunday.