On My Mind...

We made it through the wild weekend weather-wise.  We pray for those who were not so fortunate.  We pray for those who will be “digging out from under” this storm for weeks to come.  Some families will never be the same and our hearts grieve their loss.  

On a much better note, I am grateful for your generosity in giving to the love offering!  We had a great evening together expressing our appreciation of Bobby and Teresa and their ministry to us.  Thank you, Judy Ryan for heading up the fellowship and thank you to all those who made sandwiches, decorated, and served during the fellowship.  Thanks to all who came.  We had a great crowd and judging by the laughter and the talk around the tables, everyone enjoyed the time.  And thank you to all those who cleaned up afterwards.

Don’t forget next Sunday, May 5, we will have our First Sunday Lunch following the morning worship service.  I hope that you will join us for a time of food and fellowship.  The reason we do not have an evening service following these lunches is that the purpose of the lunch is to provide opportunity for fellowship.  The whole point is to “linger.”  Spend time together outside of a Sunday School class or worship service.  Time to invest in one another through conversation and the sharing of life.  We do not want to eat and rush out so that we can hurry back and have another service.  We want to take our time, enjoy one another’s company, and get to know one another better.  These fellowship times are an important part of discipleship as we form deeper relationships that lead to conversations that in turn deepens our prayer life that feeds our desire to do one another spiritual good.  I know out of this has grown a group of men who use that day to play a round of golf and get to know one another on a level that would not have happened otherwise.  I know of couples who have met up for dinner, either at a restaurant or home, because of a relationship that started at a First Sunday Lunch.  These are good things, necessary things, things building up the body of Christ.  I hope you will join us Sunday.

May is a busy month and with the First Sunday Lunch, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day we were left with only one Sunday evening where we would have a service.  Thus, we are taking Sunday evening’s off for the month of May.  We encourage you to spend time with family and or get together with some friends from church those evenings.

Have a blessed week and I will see you Sunday.