On My Mind...

This Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day.  That is a day for recognizing and showing appreciation for our moms.  Evangelist Billy Sunday perhaps overstated the matter when he declared, “Give a boy a godly mother and any old stick will do for a dad,” but it is hard to overestimate the worth of a godly mother.  I am forever grateful for the mother the Lord gave to me.  I’m grateful for her unfailing love and encouragement.  I’m grateful for her listening ear and her constant cheering.  I’m grateful for her fierce love for her offspring that was evident whenever one of hers was challenged or threatened.

I remember sitting her down and having a long talk with her when I was first approached about the possibility of coming home to Trinity.  I said, “Mom, if I come to Trinity people will talk and say somethings about me that you will not like.  But they are not talking about your baby boy, they will be talking about their pastor, and they have every right to say what they feel.  I need to know that you can live with that.”  She thought for a minute and said, “Okay.  But I won’t like it!”  We didn’t talk about, it but I’m sure it was hard on her.  I’m sure things were said that hurt her and angered her because I’ve done some stupid things, made mistakes, hurt, and failed people.  After all I’m a fallen son of Adam and a very flawed man but she saw me differently.  I’m grateful for the fact that her love saw beyond my flaws.

I grateful for a wife who is an exceptional mother.  I look at all she has done and continues to do, and I stand in awe.  I still don’t know how she managed to do all she did raising all four of them, Zac, Jessie, Ben and Rod.  Such a woman is a precious treasure.  A gift from a gracious God, blessed is the man who finds such a woman.  

Happy Mother’s Day.

Have a blessed week and I will see you Sunday.